Friday, November 5, 2010

Garden 2010

I know it has been a long while and I would love to welcome you all back!  Many things have happened since I last blogged!  I switched to a new department at work in the early spring, I finished P90X, and spent a lot of time working in a 2,100 square foot garden!  I recently got a new camera so next season I will have many more photos to include.  This season I only got a few with a borrowed camera.  You can see the few I posted by clicking the "GARDEN PHOTOS" link.

This growing season I definitely had some setbacks.  While all of the peppers, tomatoes, green beans, kale, onions and many other things did very well, I had a few things that didn't do well at all.  For instance I planted over 250 pumpkin seeds and had planned to set up a stand to sell them.  This should have yielded around 500 pumpkins.  Due to the excessive heat and lack of rain I had about 4 tiny pumpkins! I was really disappointed.  But sometimes we lose the war against Mother Nature.  Also the corn this year didn't do well for me and although I'm not certain, it was more than likely lack of rain.  Excessive heat that begins early and continues throughout the season can sometimes cause vegetables to ripen very quickly.  This isn't detrimental to most vegetables, you just get to enjoy them earlier. The pumpkins started turning orange really early and were completely ripe by August.  Normally you don't pick pumpkins until the vines die which is usually in September and sometimes October.   So if you had a similar experience do not worry, you're not alone!

Now that last season is over its time to start thinking about next season.  What are you planning to try?  I'm planning to try a couple of vegetables that I've not tried before.  I'll include a complete list of seeds at a later date.  Right now I've only committed to a couple.  Did anyone try gardening this season?  Did you plant vegetables?  Or Flowers?  Let me know what you did and how it all turned out!  I promise not to take so long to blog!  I hope you all keep reading!


Julie said...

Hi Amy! We moved into a new house and next spring I am planning on tearing up two slabs of old concrete that long ago owners used to park a trailer on and starting a garden there. I heard tearing up concrete is a crappy job, but it's a small enough area and the concrete is old enough that I'm willing to give it a try. Do you have any advice about digging up concrete?


Amy Blair said...

Hey Julie!!

I have mixed and poured concrete but not dug much up....I do know that sometimes concrete can be several feet deep in the least it is for sidewalks. I would think it might be pretty deep in the ground for it to hold a trailer. I'm not might have to enlist the help of someone on that...or at least find a place to rent some equipment to help you out!


Julie said...

Thanks, Amy. I'll definitely be renting equipment...and then maybe renting some people to use the rental equipment :) I'll let you know how it goes in the Spring.