Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Chicken Photos!

We've been doing some "remodeling" of our old chicken house over the summer.  We moved them into their new and much larger house a few weeks ago!  Here are some photos of both the chicken house (I'm planning on painting it soon), their outside area and also some photos of the chicks!  They're not really babies anymore, but are still too young to lay eggs.  Here they are.

They're eating scraps from the stew vegetables and peaches I canned earlier today.

The orange mesh fencing on the top, is to keep the hawks out.

 I have 3 of each breed of hen.  This one below is a Delaware.  They are very bossy chickens.

When you go into the chicken house there is a separate door to their pen.  That large bottle in the back is a waterer I got for $10!  They sell for $50.  It pays to look around for used equipment.

I went inside to take this one, they were all waiting for me to throw food for them.

My dad and I took apart an old wooden ladder to make two roosts for them.  They all pile on these at night and sleep.

This one is a Buff Orpington and they are very tame.

Another bossy chicken looking to see what I'm doing...and trying to peck at the camera.

More curiosity about what I'm doing.

This chicken house was brought to our house over 30 years was at my grandparents before for who knows how long.  I'm going to be painting it up soon, and adding some decorations.  The chickens won't care though.

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