Thursday, October 18, 2012

Harbor Freight Greenhouse Experiment #1

My greenhouse is all set up and ready to go.  I wrote about it briefly in a previous blog.  Its 6x8 feet, so it's small.  I got it at Harbor Freight and it was pretty inexpensive.  Since I've never grown anything in a greenhouse before, I'm sure there will be a period of trial and error.  The temperature can't get too hot or everything will essentially fry in there.  Also if it's too cold, then the plants will freeze.  I'm not sure how long into winter I can grow things in it without a heat source.

This past spring, if you all remember, I had hundreds of lettuce plants come up on their own from the previous seasons seeds.  Now that its fall, and the garden has been mowed off, there are already lettuce plants coming up!  So I've decided that in a few days I'll transplant some of the lettuce plants into containers in the greenhouse!   The next thing I'm going to try is to take some already established Kale plants from the garden and put them into containers to see how long I can keep them going.  Both kale and lettuce are cool season plants.  Another option I could try is spinach.  Spinach grows best during the shorter days of fall.  So, I'm hoping to get the plants transplanted sometime between tomorrow and next week.  It's raining today and I decided I'd wait.  

Garden Update:  We got 2 huge trailer loads of manure and spread it all yesterday with pitch forks!  Talk about a tiring job!  We have over 2,000 square feet of garden!  So except for some kale and collard greens, all of the gardens are covered with manure and ready for next season!  I'm already making a seeds list for next year!  Sorry there were no photos this time but its raining outside!  I'll take some when I transplant the lettuce.  Keep reading!

Quick P.S!
I recovered the chicken coop run area with poultry wire because I was afraid of snow build up on the orange plastic it looks much better!  Photos on the way tomorrow of that!

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