Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Burpee Seed Tape and Forster Seeds of Quality

Burpee Seed Tape...what is it?  Its a very easy way to plant!  They only come in a few varieties that I've seen and you need to get them early....because once they're gone you can't find them!  What they are is a felt "tape" with seeds inside.  You simply make a trench in the soil, unroll the tape and cover it with soil.  All you do then is water them and they grow!  I use these for radishes, carrots and beets because when you plant these types of seeds you have to thin the plants once they sprout.  Which means you have to go through all of your sprouts and select the strongest looking seedlings and spread them out in the row.  If you plant these seeds and do not thin them, you'll end up with plants too close together and they typically don't produce.  This tape has the seeds spaced out properly to begin with and there is no need for thinning.  These are a great way for beginners to gardening to enjoy a good yield without much effort.  There are other brands too, Burpee was the available brand today.

Now...what is Forster Seeds of Quality?  It is a new store in the Mount Vernon Ohio area.  The same family that used to own Glass Garden Greenhouse now runs Forster.  They've only been open a little over a year but they have a large selection of vegetable (including potatoes and onion sets) and flower seeds.  You'll also find soils, a wide variety of birdseed (that you can also mix up yourself), bird feeders, and hay bales!  Later in spring the back section will be filled with vegetable and flower plants.  There were already violas out in the front.  Some of the prices are a little higher than your big discount stores, but the way I look at it is there and you not only get the knowledge and customer service of a family that has run a green house for decades, but you get to support a local business.  They're open year round but do have different "winter hours".  Here is there store info.

Forster Seeds of Quality
669 North Sandusky Street
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

Call for their current hours.

*I do not know anyone at Forster Seeds, nor do they know this page exists.  I did not get paid to write anything about them.  The photo was taken from their Facebook Page

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