Saturday, March 31, 2012

Top 5 Cheapest Containers for Your Balcony or Porch Garden

Here is a list of my Top 5 Cheapest Containers for your Balcony or Porch garden!  

5. A bucket!  All you have to do is wash out the bucket, drill a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage and put your potting soil right in!  This works fine for tomatoes, bush beans, lettuce, herbs, peppers...the list goes on and on.

4. Reusable Grocery Bag!  I've seen this done many times.  Take your reusable fabric grocery bag and put your potting soil right in.  If you're planting seeds or small plants, you may need to roll the sides down so its not shaded by the bag.  Since these are fabric the water drains out of them easily.  You might have to water these more often than other containers because they will dry out faster.  I've seen people grow lettuce, herbs, swiss probably could do a tomato or peppers too.  

3. Coffee Can!  Treat a coffee can like a small pot.  Just drill or cut a couple of drainage holes and you're ready to put the potting soil in!

2.  An empty 2 liter plastic bottle!  Cut the bottle in half.  Drill a couple of drainage holes at the bottom and then a small hole on each side near the top.  You can put string through the top two side holes and there you have a CHEAP HANGING BASKET!  Keep your plants small in this.  Mainly herbs or lettuce.

1. Cardboard box!  That's right, you can even plant vegetables in a cardboard box.  This is the cheapest container of all!  Fold the flaps of the box inward, line the inside of the box with a plastic bag.  Cut a few holes through the bag and box for drainage.  This should last one season. If you want, you can decorate the box, or glue plastic around the sides to make it reusable.  

These may seem extremely cheap, but that's the point!  Anyone can have a container garden for almost no money.  If you buy your seeds or plants at a dollar store, you can plant more varieties.  These containers will also work for flowers too!  Additional cheap containers can include, any type of plastic container, plastic tubs, aluminum soup cans, glass bottles, jars....the list could go on forever.  I've seen photos of container gardens that have been made entirely out of recyclable trash.  Another way to go cheap is to look for plastic, ceramic or terra cotta pots at garage sales.  People sell them for around $1.00 at the most.   So don't use lack of funds as an excuse not to plant your own seeds!  Try it out.

Garden Update:  So far, there are no pea sprouts yet but its still early.  I have noticed that there are literally hundreds of lettuce plants coming up on their own from last year.  We let the lettuce grow until it seeded itself, then mowed it off.  Now this year we've got lettuce coming up all over.

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