Saturday, February 23, 2013

Signs of Spring and Chickens!

Good afternoon everyone!  It's around 40 degrees and sunny here in Central Ohio today!  I decided to take a walk around outside and look for signs of spring.  There are lots of springtime birds out there, picking out houses and some flower bulbs are beginning to peek out of the ground.  I mainly wanted to check to see if there was any lettuce, asparagus or strawberries coming up yet.  None yet!  But I'll bet in the next 2-3 weeks I will see lettuce sprouts and by then it'll be time to plant peas.  I'm looking forward to it!

After my little walk, I decided to pick more of the collard greens and kale plants for the chickens. They've got no grass left in their outside area.  I will be moving their pen when it gets warmer so they have a fresh patch of grass, but until then I will be giving them daily greens for treats.  I had planned to take some video of them today but didn't realize until I got outside that my battery was dead!  I took some photos instead.  Here they are!  Enjoy!  You'll notice the same beige chicken following me around!


 Curious as to what I am doing.

 Everyone loves collard greens and kale!

 I am being followed by this one.

These 2 have quite the personalities.  They will follow you around everywhere.  The red chicken has a folded over comb for some reason.  She's the only one like that.

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