Friday, March 15, 2013

Uses for Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

I recently got some free samples from Bragg.  They also sent a packet of info on all of their products and books.  It was very interesting.

Since 1912 Paul C Bragg's company has been bringing the best in Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  There are countless uses for this vinegar.  You must use Bragg's because it is RAW, unprocessed and contains "The Mother" (living bacteria and nutrients) in it.  Other vinegars are mediocre.  Here are just SOME of it's uses for the human body.

1.  Helps relieve asthmatics
2.  Helps to lower blood glucose levels
3.  Helps to relieve gout
4.  Good for weight loss (curbs appetite)  and breaking down body fat
5.  Helps relieve nausea, heartburn and chronic acid reflux
6. Prevents flu and stomach illnesses 
7. Helps break down kidney stones

The list goes on and on.  Visit the Bragg website for all of the information you need on it!  There is even a pet section which lists uses for ACV and your dog!

But there's one thing I use this for that isn't listed on the Bragg site.  I use this for the chickens!
Bragg's ACV can be used to clean the coop and can be added directly to their water for many health benefits.  Health benefits include increasing egg production, improve the digestive health of the chickens, and kills bacteria that cause respiratory infections in your flock.  To use ACV in this manner simply add 4 teaspoons of ACV per gallon of water.  IMPORTANT- DO NOT USE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR IN GALVANIZED METAL WATERERS.  This will poison your flock and the ACV will eat holes in the waterer.  USE IT WITH PLASTIC WATERERS ONLY.  

Other uses for ACV are to disinfect your chicken coop, eliminates mold, mildew and odors from your coop.  It can be used to clean feeders and waterers also.  One thing about chicken waterers is that they become very dirty and slimy VERY quickly.  I had read somewhere that using ACV in the plastic waterer would prevent the waterer from getting slimy at all.....I didn't believe this at all.  I was wrong!  It works so well, that everyday since using it, I have purchased Bragg's ACV to use in the waterer daily!  I couldn't be happier with it!  I'm desperately trying to find a way that makes this stuff drinkable for far I haven't been able to choke it down...but I'm going to keep trying!   Go out and buy some Bragg's!  In fact Bragg has many other products, all of which I like.  They have liquid aminos, seasonings, drinks, dressings, olive oil, and a variety of health related books.  Thanks for reading!  I'm going outside in a bit to look for more signs of spring!  I may post photos today!

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