Friday, May 30, 2014

Garden Update and Baby Chicks!

Hello!  Since I last posted we have had a successful hatch day! We also finished up a lot of the planting.  I took some photo updates and a couple of short videos.

This first photo is the squash.  Zucchini and yellow squash.

I bought these cabbage plants, since cabbage takes quite a long time from seed.

The next two photos are tomato plants.  This year I have heirloom tomatoes, and Roma, Beefsteak and cherry.

 The whole garden before we put up electric wire around it.

 Dad and I beginning to put up the electric wire!  This is to keep deer out.  We have at least 12 in the back of the field.

I just planted these seeds.  Jalapeno, Chile Piquin, New Mexico Hatch and Serrano!  In the greenhouse.

 The bamboo next to the garage is getting big!  It's at least 6 ft high at this point.

The next two photos are Cilantro and Basil sprouts that I planted in the sponge!  I had never heard of doing this before.  My mom found these natural sea sponges that can be used for this purpose and they've sprouted!

Here they are!  My 12 baby chicks that hatched in the incubator a couple of days ago!

In the video below, its just my chicken Freebie taking a dust bath.  

Short video of the hatchlings!

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