Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 2014

The weather is nice today, so I spent most of it outside doing some work around the chicken coop.  One thing I have been wanting to get done, was to dig a trench around the old chicken coop, so that the water would drain better.  The location of that coop gets pretty wet when we get a big rainstorm.  I will eventually fill the trench in with gravel so it operates like a dry creek bed.  I took a couple short videos outside also.  My dad was mowing the field around the new chicken barn and the second video is just me driving the mower up to the new barn!  I will have an outdoor pen built on to the new barn soon. Once the pen is built, I can move the chickens up to the new spot.  I will then use the old coop for storage and new chicks.  Enjoy!

The lilies are beginning to bloom!

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